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Biologic or holistic dentistry describes an approach to dental care that promotes your health as a whole rather than simply treating your oral health as something separate. Almost everything that enters your body on a daily basis enters through your mouth and throat, and it can carry with it the negative impacts of an unhealthy mouth. But through preventive care and a team approach to oral health that may include a wide range of professionals, we strive to ensure you are healthy rather than just eliminating the disease.

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Remove Your Harmful Metal Fillings with S.M.A.R.T Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol

Metal or amalgam fillings used to be the standard for filling cavities in teeth. However, amalgam fillings contain mercury which may slowly secrete from the filling into your body, promoting a toxic body environment. Metal fillings can also expand and cause your tooth to crack and are temperature sensitive. Dr. Messer has not done amalgam filings in 25 years, underlining our commitment to utilizing advanced and mercury-free alternatives for optimal patient health.

Our holistic dentists use a S.M.A.R.T Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol. It’s a technique that removes metal fillings without allowing mercury to escape into your body.

Using Ozone Keeps your Teeth and Mouth Clean During Treatment

Our secret weapon in the fight against bacteria is ozone. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that serves as a disinfectant. We use it to disinfect before and after performing restorations, to aid in cavity prevention, and treat old root canals. We also use ozone water to disinfect and irrigate surgical sites and periodontal pockets

We Practice Minimally Invasive Dentistry

We always try to be as minimally invasive as possible when we perform restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry procedures. Below are a few of the ways we practice minimally invasive dentistry.

  • Thinner crowns: Dental materials have improved over the years. With stronger zirconia crowns, we are able to remove much less tooth structure when preparing a tooth for a dental crown.
  • Remineralization Protocol: We customize a protocol for you to prevent decay and potentially heal areas that are starting to develop cavities
  • ICON: this revolutionary product can be used to halt “starter” cavities forming between teeth. It doesn’t require drilling or anesthetic. It’s not always possible to use, but we can determine if you’re a candidate for ICON after x-rays. We discover how deep the cavities are and if ICON will work for your situation.

Salivary Testing

Salivary testing is a great tool for tailoring your dental care to your personal needs. Your saliva plays a vital role in protecting your oral health and contains vital information about the current state of your oral health. When we suspect a high potential for decay, testing your saliva can tell us:

  • If you produce the proper flow and rate of saliva
  • The viscosity and quality of saliva
  • Buffering capacity
  • pH of your saliva

It also helps us tailor our recommendations for homecare protocols or remineralizing treatments for the most effective results.

If you would like to learn more about holistic dentistry in Rochester, please email us or call (585) 244-3337 for an appointment at Contemporary Dentistry.

Healing Small Cavities

Part of the minimally invasive approach to dentistry is to try remineralization of small cavities when possible. Our body, including teeth, has the potential for healing under the right conditions. The problem is that the process is relatively slow, and the process of destruction can be relatively fast. In order to heal cavities, we need to slow the destruction process (demineralization) and speed up the healing process (remineralization).

Changing your diet is an important factor for doing both parts of the process. Everything that enters the mouth has the potential to contribute to both healing and destruction. We will recommend diet changes that can promote remineralization and prevent plaque and bacterial overgrowth. When indicated, antibacterial treatments can also help protect your teeth and give them time to heal. Saliva flow and quality can be assessed to ensure that you have all of the natural tools to fight decay.

As it is part of a very personalized process, remineralization requires work on your part, as well as dietary modification, lifestyle changes, remineralization techniques, and monitoring in the dental office.

Fluoride-free Options for Cavity Prevention

We offer fluoride-free treatment options for cavity prevention.

Nano Hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium crystal. It remineralizes your teeth and promotes bone growth, helping to prevent decay.

MI Paste is a sugar-free water-based cream that helps to condition, protect, and rebuild your tooth’s surface. It replenishes calcium and phosphate to remineralize your teeth and prevent decay.

Biocompatible Materials

Not all areas of decay can be remineralized, so restoration of the teeth can often be required. When we do perform restorations (“fillings”), we carefully consider the materials used and try to reduce exposure to toxic materials. As part of our commitment to holistic dentistry, we are constantly searching for the most biocompatible dental materials on the market, and we also work with patients who have specific needs. If allergies to a material are noted, we are happy to provide you with alternatives. We also provide metal-free crowns and metal-free implants.

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