In past decades, dentists were primarily concerned with oral health and the function and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. While general health has always affected oral health and vice versa, dentists of yesteryear had neither the inclination nor the training to focus on the health of the body and mind together. In this new era, some holistic dentists in Rochester, New York, are teaching their patients the many benefits of holistic dentistry. Holistic dentistry is often called “biologic dentistry” or even “integrative dentistry”. Whatever the name, it’s a fascinating concept making dental care much more appealing to many people.

Here, you will get a crash course on holistic dentistry and how its benefits affect the body and mind just as much as how it affects the mouth, teeth, and gums.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic Dentistry is an approach to dental care that addresses traditional dental concerns but goes further by considering lifestyle, medical conditions, diet, habits, age, and what your concerns are. A holistic dentist understands that individualized care is essential to effective treatment and seeks to find the best solutions for your needs.  Avoiding toxic material, researching the latest products and techniques, providing safe mercury removal, and seeking the latest evidence-based dentistry topics for patients are some of the goals of holistic dentists.

The conditions that affect your mouth can reverberate throughout your body, so holistic dentists step back and consider the big picture of your health before making treatment decisions.  Your Rochester, NY, holistic dentists at Contemporary Dentistry invite you to be a part of their healthcare team!

“Holistic” Defined

The term “holistic” is defined as the “understanding that the sections or components of something are inherently linked and interconnected as parts of a whole.”

In relation to the human body, this means that all parts of our bodies are connected and can have effects on other areas, both positive and negative. Holistic dentistry states that illness in one part of the body can negatively affect the health of other parts. Thus, poor oral health will affect other parts of the body. Holistic dentistry believes that treatment and prevention of illness go outside the confines of the specific part and extend to encompass the entire body. So, by treating a malady of your mouth and gums, your holistic dentist will treat your entire body.

Guiding Principle of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, or biologic dentistry, is an approach to oral health that encompasses many other areas of a person’s health and well-being. The guiding principle of holistic dentistry is that by taking care of the entire body, together with excellent dental care, our total health will improve and have a positive impact on our lives.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

There are many benefits to natural dentistry by a holistic dentist in Rochester, New York:

  • Your treatments are customized to your needs
  • Encourages optimal healing and health
  • Optimizes your immune system
  • Utilizes minimally invasive treatments
  • Uses the most advanced dental technology available today
  • Seek to use non-toxic materials whenever possible 
  • Focuses on the root cause of illness or disease
  • Gives attention to both functionality and aesthetics

No Mercury Fillings in Holistic Dentistry

Metal, or amalgam/mercury, has been the go-to material for filling teeth for many, many decades. However, amalgam fillings contain mercury, which can secrete from the filling into your body, causing a toxic body environment. Metal fillings can also expand and cause your tooth to crack, and metal fillings are extremely sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. 

Avoiding the use of amalgam (mercury) is a primary principle of holistic dentistry, so your Rochester, NY, holistic dentist will use S.M.A.R.T Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol. This technique removes metal fillings without allowing mercury to escape into your body.

Learn More About Holistic or Natural Dentistry in Rochester, New York

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