Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available. They stay fixed firmly in your mouth. They let you eat all your favorite foods. They help you speak clearly. In fact, there are so many functional benefits of dental implants that it’s easy to forget that dental implants are also the most beautiful and natural looking tooth replacement option.

Here’s why dental implants are more attractive than other tooth replacement options.

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An Attractive Crown

Dental implants are topped with a very attractive dental crown. It’s made out of ceramic designed to mimic the natural smoothness and translucency of tooth enamel. Dental implants can look so much like natural teeth that sometimes even dentists can’t tell an implant from a natural tooth in pictures.

To be fair, dental bridges are also typically made of highly attractive ceramics and can look like natural teeth, too. On the other hand, partial dentures are often made of less attractive plastic materials. They don’t look as much like natural teeth.

The Tooth Stands Alone

Unlike dental bridges or partial dentures, dental implants support themselves. They don’t need to be attached to neighboring teeth or a denture base for support. This helps dental implants to achieve the most natural appearance.

With modern dental bridges, the attachment to neighboring teeth can be very subtle. In this respect, they are almost as attractive as dental implants. But dentures are often attached to neighboring teeth with metal clasps. This highly visible attachment also has the potential to damage neighboring teeth and gums.

Integrated Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants also have the benefit that they’re integrated into your jaw like natural teeth. This allows natural gum tissue to grow up around the implant. This gives them the most natural appearance of any tooth replacement.

Partial dentures rely on false gum tissue around the replacement tooth to support the tooth. This gum tissue may not look natural.

Dental bridges can be placed such that the gums grow up and around the replacement tooth. However, over time the supporting bone and gums that used to surround the natural tooth can recede, exposing the artificial tooth.

Only dental implants support your bone and gums to give long-lasting maintenance.

Are You Looking for an Attractive Tooth Replacement?

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