The Good and Bad of Traditional Dentures

Traditional options are generally better than nothing, though not always. They let you smile with a full set of teeth, and you can eat many foods that you wouldn’t be able to eat without them. They make it easier to speak clearly, helping you make sounds that depend on your teeth. They also help your jaw maintain a comfortable position, which can help you avoid jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJ symptoms.

But they have serious limitations. They aren’t anchored in the bone like natural teeth, they just sit on top of your gums. This means that chewing puts force directly on your gums, which can cause discomfort and limits your bite force. And because they just sit on top of your gums, they can slip and slide around, which can be embarrassing and interferes with function. To improve denture fit and function, we recommend anchoring them with dental implants.

Restore your smile with dentures

Snap On Dentures

These are secured with two to four dental implants on each arch. These implants are easy to place in the mouth and easy to remove as necessary.

Because they are secured by dental implants, they won’t just slip out when you’re laughing or talking. You’ll be able to speak very clearly with these dentures. But most of the force is still being supported by your gums, which limits the amount of bite force you can use with them. If you are looking for fully functional tooth replacements, we recommend Permalock Dentures.

Permalock Dentures

Permalock dentures are secured in your mouth using four to six dental implants. They’re permanently bonded to the dental implants, which allows the implants to truly support your them the way that your natural teeth were supported by their roots: anchoring them in the bone.

With them fully anchored in the bone, you can treat them just like your natural teeth. Eat all your favorite foods and only worry about brushing and flossing. You won’t experience the pain of gums being pinched between dentures and bone.

Best of all, the dental implants can last a lifetime, and the dentures can be much more long-lasting than traditional options, making Permalock Dentures an attractive, comfortable, and functional solution for years to come.

If you are trying to decide which is the right denture option for you, please call (585) 244-3337 or email us for an appointment with one of our dentures dentists at Contemporary Dentistry.