Permanent solution dentures with dental implants

Are you looking for a more natural and permanent solution to keep your denture securely placed? Now you can have a long-lasting and comfortable solution to keep your dentures in place.

Permalock Dentures utilizes dental implants to attach dentures securely. The number of implants that need to be placed depends on the type of denture we make for you.

Snap On Dentures

Using two to four dental implants, this option allows for the denture to “snap-on” to the dental implants. Still considered a removable dentures, this option is very stable and more secure than a denture without implants. Because it snaps-on, it’s easy to clean but keeps your dentures firmly in place so you can speak, eat and smile with confidence.

Permalock Dentures

Using four to six dental implants, your dentures will be permanently cemented onto your dental implants. This is a long-lasting and comfortable way to secure your denture into place. Your dentures will never shift, tilt or wander. Permalock Dentures can give you a worry-free smile of lifetime.

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