Spring is surely upon us, and summer is steadfastly approaching. Despite a recent forecast of a frost advisory in Monroe County (with temperatures in the 30s – in May!), with the warmer weather upon us, we are ready to get out in the sun and enjoy some time with family and friends. 

This means you want to look your best, whether going to a corporate picnic, family event, or a casual wine tasting at the Canandaigua Wine Trail.

Losing a veneer can put a heavy damper on your confidence and make you panic. A visit to your cosmetic dentist in Rochester, NY will have you looking and feeling great again – just in time for some sun, fun, and relaxation for summer.

We Know How Much You Love Your Veneers

You already know: porcelain veneers in Rochester, NY, are a great way to replace missing teeth and enhance your smile. Whatever dental cosmetic issues you have suffered from – such as crooked or discolored teeth or gaps between your teeth – chances are, your porcelain veneers were life-changing to your smile. Porcelain veneers in Rochester can last up to 15 years – or longer – if you care for them properly – and they are highly stain-resistant! It doesn’t get much better than that. 

But what happens on the off-chance a veneer falls off? No need to panic over a porcelain veneer replacement in Rochester, NY. Your first step? Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY. Drs. Messer, Belous, Calcagno, Geminiani, and Palacio will have you on the fast track to a stellar smile again.

Contemporary Dentistry Offers Effective Cosmetic Dentistry In Rochester

A porcelain veneer falling off may seem like life or death – but for an experienced cosmetic dentist in Rochester, NY – it is just another opportunity to keep a patient smiling. Our doctors are no strangers to dental emergencies, and they have extensive experience in porcelain veneers and veneer replacement. Dr. Arlene Messer, Dr. Anna Belous, Dr. Robert Calcagno, Dr. Alessandro Geminiani, and Dr. Adriana Palacio will serve all your porcelain needs.

When you realize your veneer is missing, please call us at (585) 244-3337. Our doctors and office staff will give you specific instructions on protecting your natural tooth underneath the veneer. Please do not try to reattach the veneer yourself – leave this up to the professionals at Contemporary Dentistry! Once you schedule the soonest appointment, we will ensure your porcelain veneer is replaced using the latest and most advanced technology of Rochester cosmetic dentistry available – so you can leave the dentist’s chair feeling and looking your best! You will also receive a thorough examination of the tooth, to determine if it can be recemented or is needing to be replaced as well as a glance at the entirety of your overall oral health to make sure all is well.

Buffing your tooth, sending scans to the lab, and bonding your new veneer to your tooth will take approximately three weeks from start to completion (and just a couple of office visits.) Once you have your beautiful new veneer placed, please give yourself a few weeks to adapt to this new restoration. The result will be just what you are looking for: your veneer will very much resemble and function like your natural tooth.

Can I Save My Broken Veneer and Reuse It?

The simple answer is: getting the broken veneer replaced with a completely new veneer is the best option for you. Our team of doctors aims for perfection in cosmetic dentistry in Rochester – providing you with a new porcelain veneer to complete your smile.

Keep Smiling Bright With Porcelain Veneers in Rochester, NY

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. Whether you are enjoying a juicy burger at Jim’s on Main or perusing the produce at the Rochester Public Market, you want to make sure your smile is something to write home about. It will boost your confidence and, thus, improve your mental health as a result! Contemporary Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry in Rochester, NY, utilizing the most natural and holistic approach to restoring and protecting your smile. 

If you have lost a porcelain veneer in Rochester and need it replaced ASAP, please call (585) 244-3337 to schedule an appointment or use our online form. Here at Contemporary Dentistry, we are ready to have you leaving our office thrilled with your smile – and your entire experience with us!