Gingivitis and gum disease are common dental issues that can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. We are committed to helping our patients understand these conditions and provide effective treatment options. Here’s a comprehensive guide to recognizing and addressing gingivitis and gum disease.

Understanding Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease, characterized by inflammation and irritation of the gums. It occurs when plaque builds up on your teeth, leading to bacterial growth that irritates your gum tissue.
Symptoms of Gingivitis:

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease, medically known as periodontitis, is a more advanced condition that can develop from untreated gingivitis. It’s an infection of the gums that can cause damage to your gums and bones supporting your teeth.

Symptoms of Gum Disease:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Receding gums
  • Loose or mobile teeth
  • Tooth loss

Remember! Healthy gums should not hurt or bleed when you brush, floss, or eat. If you experience these symptoms, it may be a sign of advanced gum disease.

The Effects of Gum Disease on Your Health

Gum disease is not just a dental issue; it can have far-reaching effects on your overall health. Chronic inflammation from gum disease can lead to chronic fatigue, vulnerability to colds, and even acne. More seriously, bleeding gums can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, potentially leading to heart failure, stroke risk, and complications during pregnancy. Gum disease has even been linked to various cancers, including oral, breast, and colon cancer.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Our approach to treating gum disease depends on the severity of your condition:

Mild Cases: Minor modifications to oral hygiene and increased dental visits may suffice. We may recommend additional treatments or over-the-counter remedies.

Moderate Cases: We will clean out the pockets around your teeth to protect them and head off the body’s extreme immune response.

Severe Cases: We may recommend surgery for the more serious cases of gum disease.

Ozone Treatment

We also utilize ozone gas to disinfect teeth and gums. This innovative method promotes natural healing and can be applied to ensure a sterile environment, enhancing recovery from gum disease.

When to Seek Treatment

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, seek professional dental care from our Rochester dentists as soon as possible. Early intervention can prevent the progression of gingivitis to more severe gum disease and mitigate potential health risks.

Choose A Periodontist

Gingivitis and gum disease are serious conditions that require attention and care. At Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment tailored to your specific needs. Understanding the signs of these conditions and seeking timely treatment can preserve your oral health and overall well-being.

Dr. Alessandro Geminiani is a renowned board-certified periodontist specializing in the care and treatment of gums and bones that support teeth. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery summa cum laude from the University of Siena in Italy and further expanded his expertise with a Master of Science in Fixed Prosthodontics and Prosthetic Dental Materials. Dr. Geminiani’s practice focuses on bone grafts, gum grafts, and periodontal surgery, including dental implant placement. His core values of safety, integrity, and long-term success guide his patient care philosophy. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, Dr. Geminiani’s extensive education, certifications in oral and IV sedation, and commitment to advanced dental science make him an ideal choice for patients seeking comprehensive gum disease treatment.

If you believe you may be experiencing gingivitis or gum disease, don’t hesitate to contact us at Contemporary Dentistry on South Clinton Ave between Elmwood and Westfall in Brighton today. Call us at (585) 244-3337 or make an appointment online. Your health is our priority, and we are here to support you on your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile.