How Juvéderm Can Help You Look Younger

A youthful face has full lips and cheeks. As we get older or if we lose a significant amount of weight, our face can lose volume. This can make our face look aged and unhealthy. This can be especially problematic for women, because many feminine characteristics are associated with soft, round curves in the face, including full lips and cheeks. To help you look younger, Juvéderm can be used to eliminate:

  • Folds around the mouth (parentheses lines)
  • Thin lip
  • Hollows under the eyes (tear trough)
  • Sunken cheeks

Although these are characteristics of aging, some people may experience them when they are young. For example, not everyone develops full lips. Juvéderm can help improve the fullness of your lips, making for a more youthful and more feminine appearance.

Rochester, NY woman smiling after using Juvéderm

What Is Juvéderm?

It’s an injectable filler. It is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a compound your body naturally produces in the eye, joints, and skin as a moisturizer. In the past, hyaluronic acid was taken from cows and chickens, and there was concern about allergies. Now hyaluronic acid is not sourced from animals, which means there is little concern about allergies and you don’t have to be tested for allergies before your first injection.

Juvéderm is a smooth hyaluronic acid gel, which makes it ideal for injecting into lips, where the very thin skin can allow granular forms of hyaluronic acid to show through the skin.

How Juvéderm Works

During your procedure, Juvéderm will be injected into the areas where you want to add volume. Several small injections are used to ensure a smooth result. We may massage the treated area, but you don’t have to. The procedure only takes a few minutes, so you can get it done on your lunch hour.

You should avoid sun and high heat for a few hours after the procedure. Initially, you may experience some swelling and discomfort related to your injection at first. This may last for a few days, but should pass.

After the swelling recedes, you will see the results of your Juvéderm injection. Over time, the Juvéderm will naturally break down. Your body can deal with the products of this breakdown (it is a compound found in your body naturally), but it won’t replace the lost hyaluronic acid. Instead, the hyaluronic acid will bond to water molecules to help it retain the same level of volume. Results from Juvéderm may last up to a year, depending on where the injections were done. Dynamic locations like the lips will see shorter results, while injections in the tear trough (under the eyes) will see longer results.

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