Traditionally, dental care has relied on many chemical treatments to try to protect your oral health. Although this has proven to be effective at preserving teeth, many people are concerned about the impact these might be having on their overall health. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid exposure to chemicals in dentistry, and we can help you find the right ones for you.

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herbal alternatives for dental care could help your overall health

Avoid Chemicals with Preventive Care

If you are seeking lower exposure to chemicals in your life, one of the simplest actions you can take is to prevent oral health problems. When treatment is needed, the likelihood of chemical exposure increases.  However, with excellent preventive care,  you can avoid the need for aggressive treatments.

Your diet is one of the most important influences on your oral health. Reduce your consumption of sugars and refined starches to reduce fuel for bacteria and decay. Stay hydrated to ensure your body’s natural antibacterial solution—saliva—can be present and effective. Avoid between-meal snacks, especially those containing sugar.

Also consider the use of xylitol, a natural sugar substitute. It is not as sweet as sugar, and it not only doesn’t feed bacteria, it impairs their ability to grow.

Herbal Alternatives in Toothpastes

Many commercial toothpastes contain a wide range of chemicals, including the antibacterial triclosan, which has serious side effects and builds up in our environment and bodies, plastic beads, whiteners, and many other contaminants

Natural toothpastes are available that are free of these chemical contaminants, and, in many cases, free of fluoride, too, relying on herbal approaches to protect your teeth against oral bacteria and decay.

Herbal Mouth Rinses

If you develop gum disease, you may be prescribed a chemical antibacterial rinse. However, Tooth and Gum Tonic is an herbal alternative that is just as effective as the chemical chlorhexidine

Herbal Tooth and Gum Tonic alcohol-free and works using powerful essential oils and herbs to combat the effects of gum disease. Pure full strength essential oils combat bacteria, while gotu kola and Echinacea encourage the regrowth of gum tissue. Essential oil of lavender and natural vegetable glycerin soothe and condition your gums to help strengthen them against future damage.

In a twelve-week trial comparing this natural rinse to chlorhexidine, the herbal rinse was just as effective at reducing bacterial plaque, gum inflammation, and bad breath.

Finding Biocompatible Dental Materials

One of our chief concerns is to provide safe and effective treatments that are customized for each patient. This includes avoiding exposure to any substances that can trigger an unhealthy response from your body. If you have specific sensitivities, health concerns or you are working with an integrative physician or naturopath who has recommended certain treatments or materials to avoid, we will work with them to find compatible treatments.

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