Technology is only a tool, but in the hands of a skilled dentist, new technologies can dramatically improve the quality of care you receive. It can also expand the range of treatments you can receive. And improve the quality of your experience.

At Contemporary Dentistry, we strive to live up to our name by delivering dentistry with the best contemporary technologies available. If you want to learn how our technologies can benefit you, please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment with a Rochester, NY dentist to discuss your options.

Cone Beam CT

Our Carestream CBCT is a 3D x-ray technology that allows us to look at your bone and other structures with precision. We can construct a digital model of your teeth and jawbone. This allows precise diagnosis of problems like TMJ, sleep apnea, impacted wisdom teeth, and bone loss related to gum disease. It also allows us to precisely plan treatments such as dental implant placement. This ensures more accurate treatment plans. You’ll get faster treatments and better results than procedures performed without this form of detailed imagery.

iTero Digital Impressions

itero technologyAre you unhappy with getting impressions done using that putty you have to bite down into? Truthfully, we were, too. Impression material can be hard to deal with, so we’ve gotten rid of it. Instead, we use iTero digital imaging to take three dimensional images of your teeth that can be worked with directly on the computer, and sent digitally to the lab for fast and accurate creation of restorations. All we do is wave the iTero wand over your teeth (seriously!) and we have all the images we need. It’s fast and convenient, and it works for everything, including dental crowns, ceramic fillings, dental implants, and Invisalign treatment planning.

K7 Evaluation System

This is a suite of technologies that we use to perform a scientific diagnosis on the function of your jaw. It gives us an objective

assessment of your jaw health so we can determine whether you have TMJ and how best to proceed.

The K7 consists of three related technologies: an electrosonograph, jaw tracking, and an electromyograph. The electrosonograph allows us to measure the sounds of the jaw joint so we can determine if the joint has grinding or other types of dysfunction. Computerized jaw tracking allows us to analyze the movement of the jaw throughout its full range of motion. It tells us if your jaw opening is restricted or irregular. The electromyograph allows us to measure muscle activity so we can tell whether your jaw muscles are stressed. It also helps us find the position of maximum rest for your jaw muscles so we can help your jaw achieve a healthy, comfortable position.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a great support to holistic dentistry. It’s a minimally invasive treatment that can kill oral bacteria and encourage the body to heal. It can even help reverse tooth decay so people don’t need fillings. Ozone therapy can also be used as a periodontal treatment. This gives us a noninvasive treatment that can be significantly more effective while avoiding the use of damaging chemicals.

Digital X-Rays

xraysTraditional bitewing x-rays technology work well enough, but they have many drawbacks. The films can be hard to read and they’re hard to reproduce. But with digital x-rays, we can call up your images right on a monitor in the operatory, a consultation room, or wherever we hold a consultation. You can see them as well as we can. We can send them easily to a specialist if necessary, or to another dentist if you want a second opinion. Best of all, though, digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional x-ray films.

Do you want to learn more about the technologies we use in our Rochester, NY dental office? Please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment at Contemporary Dentistry.