Sedation dentistry is a great way to address your dental anxiety. It can help you have a calm, relaxed appointment at the dentist, even now when things are just a little more stressful everywhere. 

But sedation dentistry isn’t just good for dealing with anxiety. It can help many people with other problems that make dental visits unpleasant. Here are some of the other problems that sedation dentistry can help with. 

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“I Gag at the Dentist”

Many people find that they have a very strong gag reaction when they visit the dentist. Even the smallest tools can lead to gagging when introduced into the mouth. Sometimes this happens when tools enter the front of the mouth, even though they’re far away from the center of the gag reflex. 

Other people gag when they need work done at the back of the mouth. This work still needs to be done, whether a person gags or not. 

Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help calm a strong gag reflex. It’s still present, but it’s diminished, usually to the point where it doesn’t interfere with dental work. 

“I Can’t Get Numb”

Another problem sedation dentistry can help with is when people have trouble getting numb. A typical dose of anesthesia doesn’t diminish pain for these people. They often get multiple injections and may find that they’re still not numb.

The problem is that their bodies may metabolize anesthesia faster than most people. Sedation dentistry can help slow this reaction down. The result is that anesthesia becomes much more effective. People who didn’t think they could get numb for dental procedures find they can actually have comfortable dentistry. 

 “I Get So Sore at/after Dental Visits”

Many people find that going to the dentist makes them sore. For some people, the problem might be a sore jaw. In this case, we will want to evaluate you for TMJ before we recommend sedation dentistry to address the problem. 

But if your sore jaw isn’t related to TMJ or you get sore in other parts of your body, sedation dentistry might be able to help. Often, the issue is tensing up during treatment. As you grip the chair or tighten your core muscles during treatment, you make them sore. Or perhaps you do the same with your jaw, fighting to hold it open wide enough during treatment. 

Sedation dentistry can help you relax your muscles. This keeps you from getting sore during or after your dental visit. 

Overcome Anxiety and Other Problems in Rochester, NY

Are you struggling with anxiety or one of the related problems above? Do they keep you from getting the dental care you need in Rochester, NY? We can help. Sedation dentistry can help you overcome these problems so you can get either needed dental care or elective dental procedures like cosmetic dentistry that you desire. 

To learn if you’re a good candidate for sedation dentistry, please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment with a dentist at Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY.