At Contemporary Dentistry, we take pride in constantly reviewing the most recent developments in dental technology. We don’t jump on every innovation just because it’s the latest thing–we carefully evaluate technologies and decide which ones are most likely to benefit our patients. Then we incorporate those into our practice.

So we’re very excited when a technology meets our high standards and we start offering it. The latest offering is BioClear veneers, which offer our patients great cosmetic results, especially when closing black triangles near the gums, at a lower cost while preserving their natural tooth material.

Introducing BioClear Veneers

What Are BioClear Veneers?

BioClear veneers are a new innovation in direct composite restorations. Direct restorations are restorations we make right on your teeth. Composite materials use multiple different materials to combine strength, toughness, and beauty. In many ways, BioClear veneers are similar to dental bonding, but some innovations make them better for certain situations.

In traditional dental bonding, the composite is of a putty texture. We apply it to your tooth and shape it the way a sculptor works with clay. Then we cure the material using a special light.

But BioClear veneers are molded around your teeth. Using very thin sheets of clear mylar, we create a mold for the veneer around your natural tooth. Then we inject the heated composite into the mold. After the composite is cooled and cured, we can polish and reshape it.

Benefits of BioClear Veneers

Because of their different approach to bonding, BioClear veneers are better than traditional bonding in several ways:

  • Greater stain resistance than traditional bonding
  • Higher strength than traditional bonding
  • Better ability to fill in black triangles at the gum line

This is due to the flowable nature of the composite. The flowable form has fewer gaps and voids, which makes it stronger and keeps out stains better than traditional bonding. And it’s much easier to get the flowable composite to the base of the tooth than it is to apply traditional bonding there.

However, they also have several benefits over ceramic veneers that make them an appealing choice. This includes:

  • Lower cost
  • One-visit convenience
  • Easy repair
  • Preservation of natural tooth material
  • Gentler on gums

Introducing BioClear Veneers in Rochester, NYFor people who are looking for a low-cost, convenient treatment, BioClear veneers are definitely a great choice. However, what we really like about BioClear is that they are gentler on teeth and gums. BioClear veneers can be applied without removing natural tooth material other than a light etch to improve the bond between tooth and composite. Traditional veneers often require us to remove some natural tooth enamel, which, once it’s gone, is lost forever. Veneers and crowns can also irritate sensitive gums, leading to recession. But BioClear veneers are gentler on gums and are less likely to cause recession.

Are BioClear Veneers Right for You?

If you have cosmetic concerns about your smile, including black triangles, poorly shaped teeth, gaps in your smile, and more, you might benefit from BioClear veneers. The best way to know if these are right for you is to have a dentist evaluate your teeth. Please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment with a Rochester, NY cosmetic dentist at Contemporary Dentistry.