Are you unhappy with the appearance of your front teeth? Are you bothered by small teeth, chipped teeth, or black triangles around the base of your teeth? Are you looking for a solution that conserves your teeth, your time, and your wallet? BioClear veneers are a new innovation that fills the gap between traditional dental bonding and ceramic veneers. They’re stronger, more stain resistant, and more attractive than traditional bonding, but are less expensive than veneers, and they can be completed in just one visit. And we usually don’t have to modify your teeth at all.

Would you like to enjoy a beautiful new smile in just one visit? To learn about BioClear veneers in Rochester, NY, please call  today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Contemporary Dentistry.

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Benefits of BioClear Veneers

We are excited to be able to offer this innovative new cosmetic dentistry approach. We know that our patients will love it because it is very versatile. We can use it to:

  • Fill in “black triangles” in the top or bottom of your smile
  • Reshape small or poorly formed teeth like retained baby teeth or peg laterals
  • Close gaps in your smile
  • Restore worn or chipped teeth

As well as other common cosmetic complaints. We can often resolve multiple complaints at once. During your consultation, we can talk about what BioClear can do for you.

Although there are often multiple treatments that can be used to deal with these cosmetic concerns, BioClear is growing rapidly in popularity because it offers many benefits. With BioClear, you enjoy:

  • Lower cost than ceramic veneers
  • One-visit convenience
  • Attractive, uniform coloration
  • Smooth, bright surface
  • Greater stain resistance than traditional bonding
  • Higher strength than traditional bonding
  • Easy repair if necessary
  • Preservation of natural tooth material

The combination of low cost, high convenience, and preservation of your natural teeth make BioClear a treatment that stands apart from anything else available today.

Is BioClear Right for You?

BioClear is a great treatment option for most people. If you are looking to restore the appearance of your front teeth, BioClear might be the right choice if you are:

  • In good oral health, including the teeth that are being restored
  • A person with sensitive gums that might react to veneers or crowns
  • Looking for a lower-cost, higher quality treatment

The only way to know for sure if BioClear is a good treatment for you is with a personal consultation. Please schedule one with us today.

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What Causes Black Triangles?

Black triangles are a cosmetic concern that, until recently, haven’t had a good solution. They form at the base of teeth when our gums recede.

Our front teeth are shaped with a natural taper: they are wide at the biting edge, but narrow at the root. This creates spaces between the teeth. Healthy gums fill in these spaces, but the extensions of gums, called papillae, are very vulnerable to gum disease and irritation. Since about half of all US adults have gum disease, a rate that increases to 70% for adults over the age of 65, black triangles are a very common cosmetic complaint.

The Innovative BioClear Process

What makes BioClear different from traditional dental bonding? In traditional dental bonding, we use composite that has a paste-like texture. It can be easily spread and shaped, but it’s solid and holds its shape. BioClear uses bonding material that’s heated until it flows.

Traditional bonding can easily be applied to the tops of teeth to reshape the biting edge or restore a chipped tooth. But it’s hard to get composite around the base of the tooth in the area where black triangles are. Flowable composite, though, can easily reach the areas at the base of the tooth.

In the BioClear veneers technique, we usually only have to roughen your teeth to make sure the composite will bond with use a clear mylar sheet to create a mold around your natural tooth. When we have the desired shape that we want for your tooth, we inject the composite into the mold. It’s warm, so it flows down and fills all the spaces, but it’s not so hot that it will cause discomfort or harm your teeth or gums.

Once the resin is cooled and hardened, we polish it and remove any stray tails or other artifacts from injection. Then you’re done, and you can enjoy your restored smile!

Are You Ready for BioClear in Rochester, NY?

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