pretty young woman sits outside in the sunAs with other dental practices in Rochester, Contemporary Dentistry has been shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this means many patients with non-emergency dental care needs had appointments pushed back. 

Since reopening on June 1, we are working hard to get all our patients back into our office. However, between the months-long backlog and the additional safety procedures we have implemented (more on these in a moment, or you can listen to them here), it will likely take us a while to get caught up. If you are one of the people waiting for an appointment, we know it might be tempting to try to get a sooner appointment elsewhere. If you have an urgent need, please contact us and we will try to expedite your appointment. But if you are just waiting for routine care, there are many reasons why it’s worth it to wait for your appointment at our office. 

Safety Measures above and beyond

At Contemporary Dentistry, we are going above and beyond the recommendations of the CDC and the American Dental Association for ensuring the safety of our patients. Here are some of the safety measures we have implemented in our office.

We have a new air purifying system in our office. This filters out particles in the air, trapping and killing airborne viruses. In addition, we make sure there are fewer particles in the air thanks to our intraoral aerosol removing devices, which keep most aerosol particles from leaving patients’ mouths during treatment. This helps our office stay cleaner, though we also clean regularly with nontoxic sanitizers. 

We also instituted a full cleaning of the water lines in our office, removing any potential trace of viruses that might have been introduced. And we make sure there are no new additions thanks to a new water purification system that cleans the water in each of our operatories. 

Changes in our procedures help you maintain social distancing from other patients. Instead of sitting in the waiting room, you will wait outside the office until the operatory is ready for  you and then you will go directly to the treatment room with no lingering in common areas. 

Quick questionnaires and temperature measurements also help us make sure that people exposed to the novel coronavirus or showing COVID-19 symptoms do not enter the office. 

We Know You

At Contemporary Dentistry, we know our patients well. This goes beyond just simple conversation and knowing whether you have a family, what your job is, and more basic facts about you. 

We take the time to understand our patients’ care needs and preferences in detail. This includes knowing if you are allergic to certain dental materials or products that other dentists might routinely use. We know not to use these products on you, so you can avoid an allergic reaction. We also understand and respect your request to use certain products or treatments while avoiding others. We can deliver fully customized care to all our patients. 

Quality Care

Knowing you lets us deliver the highest quality care that perfectly meets your needs and desires for dental care. 

We also utilize many tools and techniques that other dental practices in the area do not. And we take the time to deliver the best possible care to each of our patients. We maintain our commitment to delivering the highest level of dental care possible even now. When you are in our office, you are our top priority. 

How Are Other Dentists Making Space?

If you were to seek care at another dental practice and find they have room, it’s worth asking how that office could have room for your appointment. All dental offices were shut down as we were, and should have the same backlog. If they don’t, either they didn’t have a full complement of patients before, or they are rushing through appointments, which might mean cutting corners either in terms of dental care or in terms of safety procedures. 

We Appreciate Our Patients–and Your Patience

We are working hard to make sure all our patients get seen in a timely fashion, working through our backlog with all due possible speed. If you have an urgent need for care, we ask that you contact us and we will expedite your care. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience during this time. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call (585) 244-3337 today to talk to a dentist about your care at Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY.