The Internet is a great well of information. It seems like everything you need to know is out there for you to learn. So it might seem natural that you should come to your consultation already having done your research and decided about the cosmetic dentistry procedure that is best for you.

It’s good to do your research, and we encourage you to come in with all the information you can about your options. But there are three good reasons why you shouldn’t come in with your mind made up.

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There May Be Options You Haven’t Heard of

As we said, the Internet is an amazing resource. But it’s not perfect. So it’s quite possible that there are other treatment options you haven’t considered because you haven’t heard of them.

Maybe the treatment is brand new and people haven’t had time to put the information up on their websites yet. Maybe it’s so new that there are restrictions on advertising it yet.

Or maybe you just didn’t find it when you were doing your research. Search engines aren’t perfect, and if you don’t use exactly the right terms, you might not come across some of the options.

So come in with all your research, but don’t be surprised if there are some other options you didn’t know about.

It May Not Be Right for You

When you’re doing research, you may think that you fit all the criteria to be an ideal candidate for a particular procedure. But there are probably many factors we take into account that don’t show up online.

Instead, the only way to know for sure if a particular procedure is the best for you is to get a thorough evaluation that takes into account all aspects of your current condition.

Treatment May Not Be as Good as Advertised

And this is the big one. There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments out there that –just like other cosmetic products–may not work as well as advertised. When you research online, much of what you see is from people promoting a product. Of course they want it to look good. But maybe it isn’t.

Some common elements that get left out or misrepresented by marketers include:

  • Side effects or complications
  • Poor appearance
  • High failure rate
  • Lack of durability

If you keep your mind open, you’ll be in a better position to hear and understand this information.

The Decision Is Yours, but Get the Information First

When you get cosmetic dentistry, you have complete control over the procedures you get. But we recommend that you make sure you talk to a cosmetic dentist first so you have the complete information. Then you can make the decision about what you want.

We will make recommendations about what we consider the best approach for you. In some cases, this may extend to recommending another dentist who can better give you the treatment you desire.

If you are looking for help making your decision about cosmetic dentistry, please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment with a Rochester, NY dentist at Contemporary Dentistry.