There’s good news for you denture-wearing gum chewers out there—Yes, you can chew gum when wearing dentures. Now, that does not mean you should chew just any gum all day. Some chewing gums are better for dentures than others. Keep in mind, also, that chewing gum in moderation when wearing dentures is fine, but you don’t want to overdo it. When it comes to the Do’s and Don’ts of dentures, the best advice is to ask your denture dentist in Rochester, New York, what you can and cannot do with dentures in your mouth.

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Chewing Gum is Safe for Dentures

Now that you know you can chew gum with dentures, let’s get into the specifics about what gums are good for dentures and some other gum-chewing with dentures rules. Having dentures in your mouth has likely restored your confidence in your ability to chew and enjoy foods again. While it takes some denture-wearers a few weeks to get used to the feel of dentures in their mouth, once that comfortable place is reached, you’ll finally begin to enjoy your favorite foods again.

Chewing gum that is safe for dentures will get you in the habit of chewing with your dentures and help you maintain clean, fresh breath. Bad breath is a common worry amongst denture wearers, and many people feel much better knowing they can keep their breath fresh with chewing gum, even with dentures in their mouth.

Chewing gum with a harder texture is best because hard gum is less likely to stick to surfaces than soft chewing gum. A neutral color chewing gum is also less likely to stain dentures. Chewing gum with dentures is also good for saliva production and allows you to avoid the dry mouth that often accompanies wearing dentures. Wrigley’s Freedent gum and Active Denture Chewing Gum are two brands that denture wearers enjoy.

Denture Do’s

  • Do clean your mouth after removing your dentures
  • Do use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your mouth, gums, and tongue
  • Do remove and rinse your dentures after eating. Lukewarm water is ideal for removing food particles from your dentures.
  • Do follow the directions for overnight soaking your Rochester, NY, denture dentist gave you. Most dentures require moisture to keep their shape, so please check with your dentist before leaving the office, so you know exactly how to care for your new teeth.
  • Brush your dentures with a non-abrasive agent according to your denture dentist’s instructions.
  • Schedule regular check-ups with your restorative dentist in Rochester, NY, and call them if your dentures just don’t feel right in your mouth.

Denture Don’ts

  • Don’t use abrasive cleansers on your dentures, as they will damage the surface.
  • Don’t use bleaching products on your dentures, as they can damage them and even change their color.
  • Don’t use whitening toothpaste on your dentures. They will not make your dentures whiter and will likely damage them.
  • Don’t rinse or soak your dentures in hot water, as the hot water will change the shape and fit of your dentures.

If you’ve been thinking about getting dentures or have dentures but still have questions, it’s important to reach out to your Rochester, NY, denture dentist and learn how to take good care of your new teeth. The key to success with dentures is to take very good care of them and follow your dentist’s care instructions to the letter.

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