“Good habits at youth make all the difference”- Aristotle

At Contemporary Dentistry, we believe that part of our pursuit of total health includes taking time to share our energy and skills with others. One of our favorite groups to work with is LASS (Ladies Achieving Self Sufficiency), a group operating out of School #35 in Rochester NY right down the street from our office.  Our friend and patient Jane first described the program to us and we’ve been getting involved with our yearly LASS Day.  LASS is a mentoring program for girls in grade 6 teaching communication, social, and career skills that they will use when they transition to high school.

On Wednesday, May 14 we finished our day with scheduled patients and prepared the office for a sea of pink shirts! 16 girls and their mentors gathered with us. Our special guest this year was our friend Candace Kendall,  the current Miss New York who will be competing in the Miss USA pageant in June. Candace is as intelligent and poised as she is beautiful and she shared her mission on anti-bullying with the girls. She also explained her plan for career and life post-pageant and emphasized excellence in school.

The girls all had exams and dental cleanings with diagnostic x-rays and they did great!! They were able to learn about careers in dentistry and also learn a little bit more about the doctors’ life backgrounds, that we all share some similarities, and how working hard can result in a successful woman-owned business that helps improve the lives of others. We were able to show the girls how important teeth really are and they departed with a gift bag full of goodies.  They were cute and energetic and we happy to have a chance to share our skills with what we hope might result in some new dental ladies of the future!

smiling ladies at Contemporary Dentistry