At Contemporary Dentistry we are dedicated to taking a holistic approach to our patients’ oral health. This goes far beyond simply filling cavities and replacing missing teeth with dental implants. It is always preferable to maintain healthy natural teeth than simply replace them. We strive to practice minimally invasive dentistry. Many people scratch their heads at this term. After all, isn’t dentistry inherently invasive? That may be what you think after visiting other dentists, but we have a different approach. Here is a quick breakdown of what exactly we mean by minimally invasive dentistry.

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As Little Drilling As Possible

Many people fear going to the dentist because of painful past experiences. Typically cavities are drilled and filled with metal amalgams. We try to instead remedied remineralize the enamel of the teeth which can reverse decay given appropriate diet and proper brushing and flossing at home. In cases where filings are necessary, we only use biocompatible materials.

Avoiding Dental Amalgams

Did you know that metal filings are not only unaesthetic, but can also be toxic? Dental amalgams are composed of up to 50% mercury. When we remove metal amalgams, we have to store them in specialized containers so that they cannot contaminate the environment and water supply, yet they are deemed fit for patients’ mouths. We do not accept that and will never expose our patients to toxic materials.

Natural Treatments

We believe that periodontal disease and cavity formation can be prevented naturally. A healthy diet and proper brushing and flossing techniques at home can go a long way to protect your teeth. We offer saliva testing as well as diet analysis to identify key risk factors for periodontal disease and tooth decay and work with our patients to develop healthy habits to avoid these conditions.

We also offer you some different tools to help you protect your oral health without relying on harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. A probiotic approach to gum disease means using symbiotic and commensalistic bacteria to help control the parasitic bacteria that are attacking your teeth and gums. We also offer alcohol-free herbal toothpastes and rinses that are made with essential oils to help kill parasitic bacteria.

A Dentist That Works For You

Oral health is key for overall health. We will work with your other health care providers to provide a holistic approach to your health. We are passionate about the health of our patients. Prevention is key, and at Contemporary Dentistry our dentists will work to show you techniques that you can take home and apply to your daily health regiment. If you live in the Rochester area and have any questions about our practice or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (585) 244-3337.