Closeup of a woman placing Invisalign clear braces on her top teeth

Do you think you’re too old for traditional metal braces? If your teeth aren’t as straight as you’d like them to be, you may be wondering how someone your age can straighten their teeth without looking like a character from a 1980s teen angst film.

Metal braces were quite the common teen dental accessory for many decades, but since the days of teen drama there’s a new kid on the block: Invisalign®, sometimes referred to as clear braces or clear aligners. Regardless of what they’re called, Invisalign® invisible braces are an amazing dental innovation that has been transforming the smiles of Rochester, New York, adults (and children) for many years. With a Rochester Invisalign® dentist’s expertise, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted without having to wear metal braces.

While metal braces work wonders to straighten teeth and make beautiful smiles, many people are not thrilled to have such an obvious dental solution visible to everyone they meet. Invisalign® clear retainers are virtually invisible to others, and no one will even know you are wearing them unless you give your secret away!

What Problems Does Invisalign® Correct?

Rochester Invisalign® dentists are asked that question often. Invisalign® clear, comfortable, invisible braces correct numerous dental problems, including:

  • Overbite—if your top row of teeth jut out in front of your bottom teeth when your mouth is closed, you have an overbite. Invisalign® clear aligners are an excellent solution to the very common problem of overbite.
  • Underbite—if your lower teeth jut out in front of your top teeth when your mouth is closed, you have an underbite. While many people find under bites in their dogs incredibly cute, humans are not usually thrilled to have this issue and look to Invisalign® clear braces to fix the problem.
  • Crossbite—if your top teeth rest behind your bottom teeth when your mouth is closed, you have what is referred to as a crossbite. Invisalign® clear retainers are a great solution for Rochester patients with a crossbite.
  • Open bite—this occurs when your top teeth and lower teeth don’t meet when you close your mouth, and open bites can be corrected with Invisalign® in Rochester, NY.
  • Gaps between teeth—while some people think gaps between teeth are attractive, large gaps between teeth can cause problems that may require more extensive dental work down the road. When food particles hang out in those gaps, bacteria may grow, leading to tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Crowded teeth—sometimes, jawbones are simply not constructed in such a way to accommodate the number of teeth people have. In cases of severe overcrowding, tooth extraction may be necessary. In most cases, however, Invisalign®, alone, can un-crowd those crowded teeth.
  • Crooked teeth—if your teeth just are not as straight and gorgeous as you’d like them to be, Invisalign® may be the best option to get the stunning smile you seek.

What Can I Expect with Invisalign® Clear Retainers?

Your Rochester Invisalign® dentist will examine your mouth and determine if Invisalign® is the best solution for you. Invisalign® works just like any other orthodontic procedure in that, over time (several months, typically), your teeth gradually shift into a straighter position. Your Rochester Invisalign® dental team will provide you with clear aligners to be worn for 1-2 weeks before moving on to the next set of clear braces.

While every patient’s time requirement for straight teeth is different, most patients wear Invisalign® for approximately 9-12 months. Some patients achieve their beautiful smile in less time, while other Invisalign® patients may require a few more weeks or months to achieve their desired result.

Your Rochester general dentist will evaluate your specific dental concerns and situation to determine if Invisalign is right for you. They will explain everything to you during your Invisalign® consultation, and you will learn about the many benefits these clear aligners provide:

  • More comfortable than metal braces
  • Invisible to others
  • Allow you to eat your favorite foods
  • Fewer dental office visits required
  • Ideal for adults
  • Easy to clean—simply brush them with toothpaste and warm water per your dentist’s directions

Try Invisalign® Clear Braces in Rochester, New York

Why put off having that straight smile you’ve always wanted? With a Rochester Invisalign® dentist just a phone call away, treat yourself to straight teeth and a stunning smile by calling (585) 244-3337. You may also send us a message via our online contact form, and one of our dental team members will reach out to you shortly. The Rochester, NY Invisalign® dentists at Contemporary Dentistry look forward to meeting you and transforming your smile into one that could change your life.