It’s one of the most disappointing things people discover about having dentures: you just can’t bite and chew as well as you used to. You might be unhappy with the limited list of foods you are able to eat comfortably, and wish that you could expand them. You might be unhappy with the amount of time it takes for you to chew foods. Or you might have noticed more digestive problems since you got dentures. All these can be addressed with improved chewing.

Here are three methods for improving your chewing with dentures.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Okay, so you’re probably not going to take this act to Carnegie Hall, but you can get better at chewing with dentures in time. People who have had dentures for years are able to bite and chew better than those who have had them for months. Don’t rush yourself.

Remember to bite down and swallow before you start eating. This helps seat your dentures in place. Make sure you’re chewing straight up and down, not with a side-to-side motion, which can dislodge your dentures. Also try to bite completely through handheld foods like sandwiches rather than relying on a tearing motion to separate the bite you want, which could dislodge your dentures.

Try a Soft Liner

You might think that having a soft liner would reduce your biting and chewing force, but it actually improves it. The soft liner not only cushions your gums, but also helps the dentures conform to the gums. Since your bones and gums are constantly reshaping under your dentures, soft liners help preserve a good fit for your dentures.

Get Dental Implants

Of course, the best way to improve your ability to chew with dentures is to get dental implants. While practice might improve your biting force by 20% or so, dental implants might make an improvement of 200-300%. There are many different options for securing your dentures with dental implants. Many people, especially those who have had removable dentures for a while, like the lower cost and greater ease of removable snap-on dentures. These dentures allow you to chew significantly better than with normal removable dentures. Just how much better depends on the number of dental implants and the type of connection used.

On the other hand, our trademark Permalock Dentures allow you to chew almost as well as if you still had your natural teeth. Permalock Dentures aren’t just secured with dental implants, they’re cemented to the dental implants, forming a strong connection that gives you maximum chewing ability.

If you are tired of fighting your food and want the ability to chew it effectively again, we can help. Please call (585) 244-3337 for an appointment with a Rochester, NY denture dentist at Contemporary Dentistry.