Holistic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are generally thought of as two separate dentistry entities.

Holistic Dentistry: Sometimes called Biologic Dentistry, is dentistry that promotes your health as a whole instead of acting as if your oral health is separate.

Cosmetic Dentistry: This type of dentistry is chiefly concerned with the aesthetics of your teeth, gums, and bite.

At Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, we combine these two types of dentistry to make sure that you’re getting the best treatment for your whole body while achieving the smile you’ve been dreaming about.

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Minimally Invasive

Holistic dentistry focuses on being minimally invasive. We try the best we can to treat problems and give you the most beautiful smile using your natural teeth and your body’s natural healing capabilities. Tooth replacement options are wonderful if you’ve lost teeth or have one beyond repair, but why replace a tooth that can be saved? Replacement teeth have come a long way, but they are still no match for the beauty, luster, and function of your natural teeth.

Part of our commitment to being minimally invasive is to harness the body’s natural healing and speed it up while slowing down destruction. Natural healing typically is a long process, while decay is much quicker. In cases of tooth decay, we use remineralization techniques like a diet change, antibacterial treatments, and ozone therapy. This can bring back your beautiful white smile without fillings and possible tooth replacement, depending on the severity of the decay.

Biocompatible Materials

We use biocompatible materials in our dentistry. What that means for you is that you can get the dental implants and crowns or the whitening you’re looking for with material that won’t harm the rest of your body. We perform allergy testing to ensure that whatever is needed to fix a tooth or whiten a smile will not react adversely with your body.

In pursuit of keeping whole body health in mind when we are beautifying a smile, we can replace your old metal fillings with new tooth-colored fillings that don’t contain any mercury. In addition to your smile being more aesthetically pleasing, it’s excellent for your health. Instead of having a silver-black-looking spot on your tooth, no one will be able to tell that you had a filling, and you can rest easy knowing that the tooth-colored filling won’t harm your body. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and the Integrative Medicine Committee (IMC), holistic dentist Dr. Arlene Messer knows how to remove your metal filling safely.

Keeps Mental Health in Mind

One thing that often gets overlooked with a smile that has holes, discoloration, or decay, is mental health. When you don’t like your smile, you aren’t happy to show it off. People who are unhappy with their smiles will often avoid social situations and hide their smiles in front of their family and colleagues. As humans, we are social being and needs this kind of interaction to keep us happy. Without it, we miss out on a big part of the human experience, which can take a toll on our mental health by way of depression and anxiety.

Additionally, suppose you have pain from TMJ disorder or an infected tooth or aren’t getting enough sleep due to sleep apnea. In that case, it can make you less interested in things you usually enjoy, along with being less social.

With cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery that keeps holistic dentistry in mind, you don’t need to feel vain or nervous about asking us to enhance your smile, gums, or bite. We know that you need to feel your best to live your best life, and we know dentistry can help.

Combines Beauty, Health, and Functionality

At Contemporary Dentistry, we combine beauty, health, and function. Sometimes, poor cosmetic dentistry can affect your health and the functionality of your teeth. A porcelain veneer, filling, or crown that is too big could change your bite and cause the development of TMJ or sleep apnea. The same can be said for dentures. Dentures that don’t fit right don’t function properly, no matter how “good” they look. When you choose a cosmetic dentist who is also a holistic dentist, you’ll experience the fusion of the beauty, health, and functionality for a smile that you love, is healthy, and does everything it’s supposed to without pain or discomfort.

Choose Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry in Rochester, NY

Are you looking for cosmetic dentistry in Rochester, NY, that will keep your whole health in mind? Then you’ve found the right dental office. Dr. Messer is an experienced cosmetic dentist that can provide you with all your cosmetic and holistic dentistry needs. Call (585) 244-3337 or schedule an appointment online today!