One of the biggest complaints people have about modern healthcare is that it’s such an assembly-line product. You are processed as if you were just another interchangeable widget. But together we can change that. We invite you to come to Contemporary Dentistry where we believe that having a good relationship with our patients is a fundamental part of our standard of care. It isn’t just about how you feel at the office, it’s about being able to provide really great care.

Here’s how a good relationship with your dentist can improve the quality of care you receive.

We Know You Better

One of the essential components of our minimally invasive holistic approach is that dentistry isn’t just about what happens in our office. It’s about addressing all the things in your life that contribute to your oral health. This includes your diet and lifestyle choices like alcohol and tobacco use. Much of this will come up in a medical history, but not all.

The more we get to know you, the more we can tailor your dental care to your risk level, and the better suggestions we can make about how lifestyle changes can improve your oral health. Establishing a good relationship then becomes the fundamental basis for building a more effective approach to oral health.

Knowing Your Family Provides Insight

A great relationship is about more than just knowing you, it’s about knowing those around you, including your family. And family can be especially important to your oral health because your genes contribute heavily to your oral health risk. In fact, some say that it might be the single most important factor in your risk of developing serious gum disease.

Besides, many of your habits that influence oral health–especially diet–are influenced by your family. So knowing more about your family helps us make good recommendations that you can actually implement.

You’re More Open

Unlike Google or Facebook, we’re not watching over your shoulder any time you’re online, and we don’t track your shopping habits like the credit card companies. We depend on you to tell us things about you and your family because by the time we see the evidence in your mouth, it’s likely that it’s too late for a preventive approach.

You’ll be more open with us if we can develop a healthy, honest relationship. And that openness will help us keep you healthy. You won’t just be open with information, either, you’ll be more open with questions. And asking more questions will help you understand your oral health needs better so you know your part in maintaining it.

You’ll Do Your Part

To be truly successful, holistic dentistry has to be a team effort. We can guarantee that we’ll do our part when you’re in the office.

But you’re more likely to do your part if you have an emotional stake in your relationship with us. We understand that many people neglect their own oral health because they’re constantly doing things for other people. When we have a relationship, taking care of your oral health becomes doing something for us, and you’re more likely to stick to what we discussed.

You Develop Trust

Trust is vital to getting the best care. You have to learn to trust that when we recommend treatment, it’s for your own good. You have to understand that we really are dedicated to you and that we really don’t recommend unnecessary treatment.

Trust isn’t something that just magically happens between us, it’s something we build up over time. And it’s probably the most important outcome of a healthy relationship between us.

Let’s Start Today

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