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Sleep Apnea

Your Pillow May Be Causing You to Snore

We all know it: snoring stinks. It keeps your partner awake, prevents you from getting the high quality sleep you need and deserve, and it can even lead to more sinister health problems down the line. Snoring may seem harmless, but the unfortunate truth is that snoring can be associated with other health [...]

New Study Links Air Pollution and Sleep Apnea Risk

In holistic dentistry, we understand that health is the result of a complex web of factors, some of which come from within the body, and some of which come from without. This is true of oral health, where things like your oral microbiome might be impacted by pesticides. But it’s also true [...]

Is Your Snoring Seasonal?

One of the things the holidays do is bring together friends and family like no other time of the year. Many times, this means you may have additional people staying at your house, or perhaps you’re staying at a relative’s house. In either case, the result is the same: more people living in closer proximity [...]

Treating Sleep Apnea Reduces Heart Risks

At Contemporary Dentistry, we are mindful of the ways that dental care can impact your overall health. This isn’t just a holistic dentistry principle, it’s something we’ve observed and strive to provide for our patients--dentistry that can improve your health and your quality of life. One of the ways that a dentist [...]

4 Ways to Tell Your Snoring Is Serious

Snoring is more than a nightly nuisance to your spouse, children, or roommates. It might be a sign that you’ve got a serious health problem. Snoring is potentially dangerous on its own, but the risk of snoring increases significantly if you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops at night, which can [...]