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How to Avoid Being Embarrassed at the Dentist

For many people, dental anxiety is related to a fear of pain. They’re worried that going to the dentist is going to hurt. However, for many people, dental anxiety has a very different source: embarrassment. People are embarrassed about many different things at the dentist, but some of the more common concerns [...]

Why Can’t I Get Numb?

Have you ever visited the dentist for a {{{{link id='4941' text='dental implant procedure'}}}} and when it came time to give you a local anesthetic, you couldn’t get numb? This unfortunate situation could leave you feeling pain during a dental procedure and provide an overall bad experience at the dentist. So why can’t you get [...]

Three Options for Sedation Dentistry

At Contemporary Dentistry, we believe that good oral health is a vital foundation for overall health. After all, {{{{link id='4917' text='gum disease'}}}} doesn’t just threaten your teeth, it threatens your heart, and tooth decay can inhibit a child’s growth, and these are just two examples of this all-important connection. That’s why we think [...]

People with Anxiety See the World Differently

If you have anxiety, you are probably sick of people telling you to just relax. They act like your anxiety is somehow your choice, and, if you want to, you can just make a choice to stop being anxious. Hopefully, they will sit up and take notice of a new study showing that anxiety is [...]

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