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Nutritional Supplement Drinks Can Be Bad for Seniors’ Health

As we get older, our attitude toward food can change. Some seniors may put on dangerous amounts of weight, but it’s more common for seniors to lose weight quickly. One approach to try to counter this trend is to use nutritional supplements. However, there is concern that the nutrition provided by these supplements may [...]

Oral Health Care: Tips from Your Dentist

Everyone knows the importance of caring for their teeth. Serious damages can cause you to lose them and treating dental problems can be quite expensive, which is why the best approach is still prevention. The following tips are what most dentists advise in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy, so that you can [...]

Flossing Recommendations

Minimally invasive dentistry emphasizes the benefits of prevention over trying to remedy problems. If you can maintain an effective daily oral hygiene regimen supported by good dietary choices, you will have the best bet of never needing reconstructive dentistry. You’ll maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. And one part of your effective [...]

The Good and Bad of Xylitol

Xylitol is a product that gets a lot of attention for its ability to help preventing cavities. This sugar substitute can potentially reduce the number of cavities you develop. It’s a great adjunct to holistic dentistry and helps us practice minimally invasive dentistry focused on prevention rather than restoration. But xylitol [...]

Plaque Doesn’t Take a Weekend: Brush Every Day

On the one hand, it should be a surprise. But on the other hand, it’s a shocking fact: 20% of Britons admitted to not brushing their teeth on weekends. Jokes about British teeth aside (and recent data says they may be as good as or better than American teeth), it’s likely that a similar proportion [...]