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How to Care for Your Oral Microbiome During Shutdown

As New York begins reopening for business after NY PAUSE, Rochester is one of the areas that will begin reopening this Friday May 15. However, with the phased reopening process, many of us will continue to remain at home for the foreseeable future.  During this time, it’s important to be focused on your {{{{link [...]

Why Do We Need X-Rays From My Holistic Dentist?

One of the most common questions I hear from patients is, “You’re a holistic dentist, why do you want to take x-rays? I don’t think I need any more…” and perhaps you have found yourself saying the same thing. I believe a balanced approach that takes all factors into consideration could help us all feel [...]

Metals Trigger Most Allergies at the Dentist

As holistic dentists, Contemporary Dentistry works hard to use the most biocompatible materials we can. If a dental material doesn’t work harmoniously with your body’s systems, it’s not a good choice for putting in your mouth, no matter what its other properties.  Part of this is our commitment to using as few [...]

What is Holistic Dentistry, and How Can it Help Me?

We talk about holistic dentistry all the time, but what does it mean? And how does holistic dentistry, rather than traditional dentistry, benefit you as the patient? Holistic dentistry can mean something different to each dentist, but it boils down to the following: treating patients as a whole, not just what’s happening inside [...]

Take Care of Your Teeth, Lower Your Risk of Stroke

When we think about self-care, we typically think of improving our diet for gut and heart health, pampering our skin to look younger, and taking a spa day to relax our muscles and clear our minds. At Contemporary Dentistry, we think it’s time to start adding oral health into the self-care cycle. We’ve [...]