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Benefits of Holistic Dentistry Are Far Reaching

In past decades, dentists were primarily concerned with oral health and the function and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. While general health has always affected oral health and vice versa, dentists of yesteryear had neither the inclination nor the training to focus on the health of the body and mind together. In this [...]

Looking for a General Dentist? Look No Further!

People often spend a great deal of time reading reviews of restaurants before choosing their next dinner spot, they test drive a number of cars before choosing the next family sedan, they ask the online neighbors group for a good mechanic, and scour client reviews when choosing a dog sitter.  We care about whom [...]

Why Are My Teeth Breaking?

Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body. It has to be so it can stand up to daily use for biting and chewing, then still be able to have a healthy, beautiful smile? Unfortunately, sometimes our teeth cannot handle the stresses we subject them to, and they start breaking. [...]

New Directions in Biological Dentistry: Dr. Messer speaking at the Integrative Health Conference

Earlier this year, Dr. Messer stepped out of her scrubs and spoke at the Integrative Healthcare Conference annual meeting here in  Rochester, NY. It was an exciting opportunity for her to be able to speak about topics she is passionate about such as cavity prevention, saliva, and new ideas and products in dentistry.  She is really motivated [...]

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