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Gum Disease

How a Healthy Mouth Protects Your Heart

Every aspect of your body is connected in one way or another. Your oral health is no different. When your oral health suffers, it won’t just result in tooth loss, it can also affect your overall health including your heart. At Contemporary Dentistry, we don’t just want to help our patients achieve a beautiful [...]

Why It Gets Harder to Keep Your Smile Beautiful as We Get Older

Most of us have a time in our life when we were really happy with our smile. When we are young, our teeth gleam and they look beautiful. But that appearance is a lot harder to maintain as we get older. But why? What makes it harder to maintain an attractive smile as we age? [...]

Flossing Recommendations

Minimally invasive dentistry emphasizes the benefits of prevention over trying to remedy problems. If you can maintain an effective daily oral hygiene regimen supported by good dietary choices, you will have the best bet of never needing reconstructive dentistry. You’ll maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. And one part of your effective [...]

How Many Americans Actually Floss Their Teeth?

There are a few things that Americans generally do not like: paying taxes, going to the DMV, and flossing their teeth. Despite all of the evidence indicating that flossing is key to good dental health, and of course the urgings of their dentist, flossing is consistently viewed as more of a nuisance than anything. We [...]

Is Big Tobacco Dodging the FDA?

Did you know that cigarettes were once considered healthy? Back in the 1930s, most tobacco companies even used physicians in their advertisements, claiming that more doctors smoked their brand of cigarette over their competitors. Soon people caught on to their scheme, and by 1964 Surgeon General Luther Terry announced to the world the link between [...]