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Gum Disease

Strengthening the Link between Gum Disease and Pancreatic Cancer

We know that gum disease isn’t just a disease of the mouth. Instead, it’s a chronic infection that can lead to health effects throughout the body. One of the most feared of these connections is with cancer, especially pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The survival rate of pancreatic [...]

Oral Bacteria Could Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

We know that the relationship between oral health and overall health is complex and close. This is one of the essential principles of holistic dentistry, and it’s regularly reaffirmed by science. For example, gum disease has been linked with Alzheimer’s disease for a long time. We know that people with fewer teeth [...]

Why Top Athletes Can Have Bad Teeth

A new study confirms that top athletes in Great Britain have bad teeth. Although the study looks exclusively at athletes from the UK, its results are much more broadly applicable than that--many top athletes are plagued by dental problems. Understanding why competing as an elite athlete damages teeth helps show why a Holistic Dentistry

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Your Household Environment May Determine Salivary Microbiome

It’s important to understand the oral microbiome if we want to properly prevent and treat oral disease. A healthy oral microbiome can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease, but an unhealthy one can encourage decay and disease. Holistic dentistry teaches us that your oral microbiome is impacted [...]

Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease

We have more and more evidence that the way to your heart may not be through your stomach, but it is definitely through your mouth. Now a new study has made a very specific link: your tooth loss during middle age is tied to an increased risk of heart disease. This reminds us of the [...]