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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dentures

There’s good news for you denture-wearing gum chewers out there—Yes, you can chew gum when wearing dentures. Now, that does not mean you should chew just any gum all day. Some chewing gums are better for dentures than others. Keep in mind, also, that chewing gum in moderation when wearing dentures is fine, but [...]

Is It Time to Replace Your Partial Denture with Dental Implants?

Removable partial dentures are a traditional replacement for one or more missing teeth. However, partial dentures are not as functional, attractive, or comfortable as dental implants. If you are currently making do with a removable partial denture, it might be time to consider replacing it with dental implants.  Partial {{{{link id='4932' [...]

How Quality Dentures Can Help You Live Longer and Enjoy Life More

Dentures are a great invention. {{{{link id='4932' text='Replacement teeth'}}}} that can help you to smile and eat even if you’ve lost your teeth can help a lot of people. Dentures get a bad reputation, though, because many people have poor quality dentures that don’t help as much as they could. Currently, 23 million Americans [...]

How to Improve Chewing Force if You Have Dentures

It’s one of the most disappointing things people discover about having {{{{link id='4932' text='dentures'}}}}: you just can’t bite and chew as well as you used to. You might be unhappy with the limited list of foods you are able to eat comfortably, and wish that you could expand them. You might be unhappy with [...]

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