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Is It Time to Replace Your Partial Denture with Dental Implants?

Removable partial dentures are a traditional replacement for one or more missing teeth. However, partial dentures are not as functional, attractive, or comfortable as dental implants. If you are currently making do with a removable partial denture, it might be time to consider replacing it with dental implants.  Partial {{{{link id='4932' [...]

Dental Implants Last A Lifetime! (Plus, 4 Other Benefits To This Treatment)

Missing a tooth or even multiple teeth? Maybe it’s time to look at dental implants. There are many teeth replacement options out there these days. However, implants offer plenty of benefits.  What Are Dental Implants? Simply put, a dental implant is a rod with a crown attached to it. The process [...]

Smoking and 6 Other Bad Habits to Avoid With Dental Implants

Losing your teeth can feel devastating but with dental implants, it feels like you’ve earned a second chance at oral health. Dental implants are not only the best solution for missing teeth, but they’re the most comfortable, secure, and natural feeling tooth replacement solution. Once you have them, you will wonder why [...]

Nutritional Supplement Drinks Can Be Bad for Seniors’ Health

As we get older, our attitude toward food can change. Some seniors may put on dangerous amounts of weight, but it’s more common for seniors to lose weight quickly. One approach to try to counter this trend is to use nutritional supplements. However, there is concern that the nutrition provided by these supplements may [...]

How Quality Dentures Can Help You Live Longer and Enjoy Life More

Dentures are a great invention. {{{{link id='4932' text='Replacement teeth'}}}} that can help you to smile and eat even if you’ve lost your teeth can help a lot of people. Dentures get a bad reputation, though, because many people have poor quality dentures that don’t help as much as they could. Currently, 23 million Americans [...]

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