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5 Ways Invisalign Promotes Optimal Oral Health

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, you may be considering different orthodontic options. Traditional braces remain an effective approach for straightening teeth, but there are many reasons why Invisalign might be better for most people.

At Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, we try to factor in the overall health impact of your dental […]

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Composite Fillings as Durable as Amalgam

Most of us are ready to move on from the use of mercury amalgam fillings, which are bad for your appearance, bad for your health, and bad for the environment. But the last possible argument in their favor is that some people believe they are more durable than Healthy, Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Rochester, NY

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What Porcelain Veneers Can Do

Porcelain veneers are great cosmetic dentistry restorations. They produce attractive, long-lasting results. These attractive results can be subtle or dramatic, depending on whether you want your new smile to stand out or blend in.

But perhaps one of the best things about porcelain veneers is how versatile they are. They can be used to […]

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What Causes Crowded Teeth?

For many, our teenaged years were marked by awkwardness. Our bodies are growing and changing and many of us could not even take a step without tripping over ourselves. Many of us also had to deal with braces, which restricted what we could eat, hindered our speech, and were ultra uncomfortable. Braces, however, as with […]

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