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Introducing BioClear Veneers in Rochester, NY

At Contemporary Dentistry, we take pride in constantly reviewing the most recent developments in dental technology. We don’t jump on every innovation just because it’s the latest thing–we carefully evaluate technologies and decide which ones are most likely to benefit our patients. Then we incorporate those into our practice.

So we’re very excited when a technology […]

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5 Ways Invisalign Promotes Optimal Oral Health

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, you may be considering different orthodontic options. Traditional braces remain an effective approach for straightening teeth, but there are many reasons why Invisalign might be better for most people.

At Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, we try to factor in the overall health impact of your dental […]

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Ask These Questions about Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Materials

In the past, people have been too complacent about what doctors and dentists decided to introduce into our bodies. The dentist said you need a filling and we never stopped to question what that filling was made of. Then it turns out that the fillings we received were made mostly of Mercury-Free Fillings

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Why It Gets Harder to Keep Your Smile Beautiful as We Get Older

Most of us have a time in our life when we were really happy with our smile. When we are young, our teeth gleam and they look beautiful. But that appearance is a lot harder to maintain as we get older.

But why? What makes it harder to maintain an attractive smile as we age? […]

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