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Amazing Animal Teeth

The Real Rockbiters: How Parrotfish Crunch Coral

In the nostalgic classic film The Neverending Story, one of the engaging minor characters is a rockbiter, a giant who lives by eating rocks (and whose messy eating habits cause trouble for his friends). The rockbiter was designed to seem alien and his habits are supposed to seem fantastic.

But eating rock isn’t really that […]

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Whale “Teeth” and Our Own

Blue whales are the largest animals to have ever lived on our planet.

With hearts the size of a car, and tongues that weigh as much as an elephant, their incredible evolutionary development has long been of interest to scientists. Like many of their biological relatives, blue whales didn’t start as giants, but developed […]

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The Remarkable Reasons Beavers Can Chew Down Trees with Their Teeth

Wild Beaver

In 1975, the beaver was named the official state animal of New York. The decision was not without controversy, because the animal had already been claimed by Oregon 6 years prior. However, legislators and the governor felt that the animal’s ties to New York were too strong […]

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