People have been trying to reverse the effects of tooth decay for years. Traditionally, the best course of action has been to drill the affected area and then fill the hole. At Contemporary Dentistry, Mercury-Free Dentistry Rochester, NY.

Minimally invasive alternatives that actually work would be a game-changer for the field of dentistry. One of the best alternatives to traditional fillings so far actually involves exposing tooth decay to ozone.

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Oxygen’s Cousin

We all know what oxygen is. After all, we wouldn’t be alive without it! O2 is naturally inert which means it is not chemically reactive. Ozone, on the other hand, has one more oxygen (O3) which makes it very reactive. It is essentially trying to lose that extra oxygen in order to become more stable. This reactivity is what makes it a great tool in the fight against tooth decay.

When ozone is exposed to cavities it reacts with the bacteria and acid present. Not only does it kill the bacteria, but it also changes the bacteria’s habitat. The bacteria that cause tooth decay love acidity and thrive in it. Ozone reacts with the acid, actually adjusting the pH of the mouth so that it is at a neutral level.

Once this pH is balanced, the bacteria no longer have a suitable environment to survive and are gone for longer than if just the bacteria were eliminated. This change in environment allows for good bacteria to come in, which actually consume bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease.

While ozone treatment will not repair a huge hole in your teeth, it will accelerate the process of remineralization which can repair problem spots such as white lesions and small caries.

What Do You Think?

At Contemporary Dentistry, we believe that it is best to approach dental health from a holistic point of view. This means that we work with your other health care providers to give you the best method of treatment possible. Ozone therapy does show promise as a great alternative to simply drilling and filling cavities, but there are other options available. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our fantastic dentists, give us a call at (585) 244-3337.