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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Snoring

Snoring is common. Men are especially susceptible to it, but as women age, they are more likely to snore as well, especially after menopause. Considering how common it is, perhaps it’s no surprise that people often ignore snoring. They think that it’s normal, that it’s no big deal, and that, anyway, there’s no good remedy. [...]

U of Rochester Finds That Smiles Give Liars Away

Can you tell when a person is lying to you? The secret might be their smile, according to researchers at the University of Rochester. After looking at the expressions people have when telling the truth or lying, the researchers found that liars were most often given away by the sheer delight that showed on their [...]

Your Household Environment May Determine Salivary Microbiome

It’s important to understand the oral microbiome if we want to properly prevent and treat oral disease. A healthy oral microbiome can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease, but an unhealthy one can encourage decay and disease. Holistic dentistry teaches us that your oral microbiome is impacted by [...]

Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Disease

We have more and more evidence that the way to your heart may not be through your stomach, but it is definitely through your mouth. Now a new study has made a very specific link: your tooth loss during middle age is tied to an increased risk of heart disease. This reminds us of the [...]

If You Listen to Industry Research, Vaping Doesn’t Stain Teeth

As vaping grows in popularity, we have many important questions to answer about its impact on the oral and overall health of users. Preliminary research seems to suggest that vaping might have less impact on oral health than tobacco. But we also know it’s not entirely harmless. But what about the cosmetic [...]

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