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Tooth Whitener Pulled from Amazon because It Contained Banned Chemical

Last week, Amazon withdrew a bestselling home teeth whitening kit because it contained a chemical banned in the European Union. News outlets reported that the kit had been listed at the number one position for teeth whitening, and had review from more than 800 people, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars. Although it’s hard [...]

Study Reveals MRIs Release Mercury from Amalgam Fillings

A new study shows that magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) can release mercury from {{{{link id='2027' text='metal amalgam fillings'}}}}. Attention is being given to the fact that high-powered MRIs can cause a very high release of mercury. However, little attention is being given to the fact that even normal MRIs likely trigger the release of [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Snoring

Snoring is common. Men are especially susceptible to it, but as women age, they are more likely to snore as well, especially after menopause. Considering how common it is, perhaps it’s no surprise that people often ignore snoring. They think that it’s normal, that it’s no big deal, and that, anyway, there’s no good remedy. [...]

U of Rochester Finds That Smiles Give Liars Away

Can you tell when a person is lying to you? The secret might be their smile, according to researchers at the University of Rochester. After looking at the expressions people have when telling the truth or lying, the researchers found that liars were most often given away by the sheer delight that showed on their [...]

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