At Contemporary Dentistry, we are constantly looking for innovative approaches to help us maintain our patients’ dental health holistically. One of the recent additions to our practice that we’re very excited about is ozone therapy.

And we think you’ll be excited, too, when you realize all the benefits it offers you.

Noninvasive Treatment

On its own, ozone therapy is completely noninvasive. There’s no need for us to drill, cut, scrape, or grind to perform ozone therapy. It’s just a gas that we apply to your teeth or gums to treat them.

Sometimes, ozone may be used in support of an invasive treatment, but ozone itself is noninvasive.

Noninvasive ozone therapy


Ozone is not compatible with oral bacteria or fungus. This makes ozone a great treatment anywhere we want to get rid of damaging infection, such as in gum disease or an infected tooth.

Removing the oral microbes not only ends the infection, it sets your body up for additional healing and reduces your risk of complications.

Penetrating Treatment

One of the reasons why ozone therapy can be noninvasive is that ozone can penetrate deep into teeth and gums. It’s a gas, so it can seep into tiny cracks and spaces that we can’t reach with a scraper, drill, or even a laser.

This penetrating ability helps it when it’s supporting procedures like gum disease treatment. The ozone can get into areas and kill bacteria so that we don’t have to open up your gums as much. The ozone also gives us a safety cushion–it can get areas of infection that we can’t even see.


Acid is one of the biggest dangers to your teeth. Acid will dissolve tooth enamel and dentin, so if we want to set up conditions to heal your teeth, we want to get rid of acid. Ozone can do this. As ozone breaks down, it can bond with acid in the oral environment, neutralizing it.

This not only stops tooth decay, it allows the body to utilize its natural healing processes to regenerate enamel and dentin.

How Will Ozone Benefit You?

When you put together all these advantages, you’ll soon realize how this adds up to many benefits for you, including:

  • Less invasive treatment
  • Less discomfort related to treatment
  • Better results
  • Lower risks
  • Shorter treatment and healing times
  • Lower costs

That’s a pretty exciting combination of benefits. Would you like to see whether you can benefit from ozone therapy in Rochester, NY? Please call (585) 244-3337 today for an appointment with a dentist at Contemporary Dentistry.