At Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, we understand that dental anxiety is common. We know, too, that many people might keep silent because they know that getting dental care is important, despite their anxiety.

We believe that no-one should have to be anxious at the dentist. That’s why we take many steps to help people with anxiety overcome it to get the dental care they need while feeling relaxed. We meet you at the level of your anxiety and offer you solutions that are just enough to calm you without unnecessary expense or complications. 

woman leaning back with her arms placed behind her head with her eyes closed

A Relaxing Setting

We worked hard to design the Contemporary Dentistry office to be as relaxing as possible. We think of ourselves as hosts, laying out the space for guests. Our design will help you feel at home and relaxed.

We chose relaxing colors and natural patterns and textures as inherently soothing. In addition, all our treatment rooms have closed doors. This not only offers privacy for patients, it reduces the risk that you will unnecessarily see, hear, or smell stimuli that can trigger an anxious response.

We train our staff to greet you in a warm and friendly manner. It’s not hard: we choose people who are naturally caring. 

An Anxiety Questionnaire

Most people experience some level of dental anxiety but are reluctant to mention it. In part this is because many of us are naturally independent and don’t want to be a bother. Other times, it’s because patients are prepared to make sacrifices in comfort to get necessary dental care. Finally, some people might think that sedation dentistry is the only way to deal with anxiety. They want to control their anxiety, but they don’t want to use drugs or gas to do it.

We encourage everyone to answer the anxiety questionnaire honestly. We do offer sedation dentistry, but we also offer other approaches to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Dentistry Practiced to Soothe

We can offer many amenities to help you feel welcome and relaxed at our office. In addition, we can change our dental methods to help you feel at ease. If you like more detailed information to help you understand procedures, we can explain everything in full. If details make you nervous, we will give you just the basic outline of the procedure–what you need to know to make decisions.

We can also perform procedures quickly if you feel better getting them over with. Or if you want time to feel comfortable, we can go more slowly. If you need us to stop at any time, you can let us know.

For some people, dental chemicals are a source of anxiety. We offer natural alternatives whenever effective, so if you are looking to reduce your chemical exposure, just let us know.

Three Sedation Dentistry Options

While the above approaches might help many people overcome anxiety, there are some people who benefit from sedation dentistry. However, even in these cases we know not everyone is the same. People benefit from different types of sedation, which is why we offer three different options.

Nitrous oxide is the best approach for people with mild dental anxiety. By inhaling this gas mixed with oxygen, sometimes called “laughing gas,” you will quickly feel your anxiety drift away. We can adjust the level of sedation to some extent, but, most importantly, we can keep it active even if your procedure runs long. When we shut it off, you will quickly return to normal and can even drive yourself home.

Oral sedation provides more anxiety relief.It comes in the form of a pill. We have several options for medication and we’ll choose the right one and dosage that match your anxiety and your expected procedure length. You can take the pill before you come to the office, so you’ll feel relaxed by the time you get here. You will need someone you trust to drive you to your appointment and home.

IV sedation is a powerful option for people with high anxiety. It lets us use strong medication that works quickly to combat your dental fear. We can extend the sedation as long as necessary for your procedure. You will need a responsible adult to take you home and stay with you for the rest of the day.

Relaxing Dentistry in Rochester

Contemporary Dentistry is dedicated to making all our patients feel comfortable while getting the dental treatment they need. Let us show you how our comprehensive approach to relaxing dentistry can help people of all anxiety levels learn to experience dentistry without fear.

To learn how Contemporary Dentistry can help you, please call (585) 244-3337 or use our online contact form today to request an appointment at our office in Rochester, NY.