Have you ever noticed opaque white spots on your teeth when you smile? Did you develop white spots after braces? Or did your teeth emerge with white spots in childhood? If you have these opaque areas, you know how hard they can be to conceal.  Tooth whitening seems to make them brighter, and you may notice them in pictures when you smile.  Cosmetic dentistry offers the solution of porcelain veneers to cover the uneven appearance, but there is a simple procedure that may be an excellent way to blend your white spots and achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Why Do I Have White Spots On My Teeth?

Normal tooth enamel should have a shiny surface that reflects light evenly and has a warm hue.  If you were to look at dental enamel under an electron microscope, you would see little structures which are crystallites of minerals, and in between these little shapes are tiny water molecules.  If there is a disturbance in the formation of the enamel minerals, excess water and proteins can form in spots, and this affects the way light reflects and scatters in that area, producing a white spot.  What could cause this situation? There are many reasons for this condition, but here are a few:

  • Genetic disorder: (relatively uncommon)
  • Fluorosis: a condition in which supplemental fluoride has been overused and produces opaque white flecks and bands. In severe cases, it can produce brown discoloration in addition to the white opaque areas.
  • Enamel Hypomineralization: Changes in the development of the tooth’s mineral matrix can occur in childhood as a result of chronic infections, high temperature, birth defects, and many other reasons.  These white spots usually will be present on a few teeth rather than across the entire smile, and the texture of the tooth remains smooth.
  • White Spot Carious Lesions: The byproducts of dental plaque are organic acids that can leach minerals from the enamel. When this happens, the areas of missing minerals are filled in with water, and this leads to light reflecting in a different way, scattering to give the appearance of an opaque white spot on the tooth. Usually, it is even more evident when the tooth is dried or after whitening.  This is the beginning stages of decay, and it is usually found under a layer of plaque or in areas that experienced poor hygiene, such as around orthodontic brackets.

What Can Be Done To Correct White Spots?

If you have opaque white spots, you may have been told that there is nothing that can be done.  Whitening the teeth can often make the opaque areas even brighter, and so patients in the past have been steered away from this treatment.  Dental composite restorations (“white fillings”) can be used to cover over smaller white spots, while porcelain veneers can add a more permanent covering and guarantee an even color.

MI Paste: A New Option For White Spots Treatment!

We have been having exciting results using MI Paste, a non-fluoride re-mineralization paste.  Remember that opaque white areas are caused by the absence of minerals in tooth enamel. Without the need to drill or change tooth structure, MI Paste is Minimally Invasive Dentistry at its best! MI Paste allows us to apply calcium and phosphate to the tooth and restore the shine, color, and strength of the enamel. With our MI Paste protocol, a few simple office visits and some new steps in your homecare regimen can make a world of difference for your white spot areas.  Not only are we creating a more aesthetic smile, but we are also able to strengthen teeth, prevent decay, and arrest the process of decay in “starter” cavities.  It’s a win-win situation!

If you are interested in White Spot Treatment, we first will assess your teeth to determine what type of white spots you have and if you are a candidate for the treatment.

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Restore Your Beautiful Smile in Rochester, NY

If white spots are making you unhappy with your smile, let the holistic dentists in Rochester, NY help. We can utilize MI Paste to reverse the damage to your enamel, making it not just more beautiful but healthier, too.

To get rid of white spots on your teeth, please call (585) 244-3337 or use our online form to request an appointment at Contemporary Dentistry in Rochester, NY, located near the Shoppes at Lac de Ville.